3x Compression Tank Top Bundle
3x Compression Tank Top Bundle
3x Compression Tank Top Bundle

3x Compression Tank Top Bundle

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Strammer Max® Performance Shapewear

  • Cooling high-tech fabric
  • Regulates body heat even at high temperatures
  • Optimal body temperature for endurance sports
  • Excellent wearing comfort
  • UV protection

Material: 65% polyamide Meryl Skinlife/Nilit® Body Fresh, 30% polyamide, 5% elastane

Compression shirts from Strammer Max® - Engineered in Germany - worn around the world.

The key difference between our premium compression shirts and competitive products is the extremely complicated manufacturing process to ensure perfect wearing comfort. Despite the inclusion of high-tech functional zones, the torso of the shirts is seamlessly knitted and therefore extremely comfortable to wear on the skin.

The different functional zones offer 3 essential and unique advantages over simple shapewear undershirts or T-shirts:

1. Compression zone with shape effect
Optimal modeling of the upper body with immediately visible results. The shapewear shirts with Strammer Max® technology immediately give the upper body a slimmer shape because targeted compression makes the waist narrower, the chest athletically modeled and the abdominal circumference reduced.

2. Back ShapeUp Zone for a straight back
Important support for posture and back muscles with a relieving effect. Whether in the office or during endurance sports - the compression of the back shape-up zone straightens your posture and prevents back pain. Avoid annoying posture straps or other aids. You can wear the compression shirt from Strammer Max® invisibly under your shirt.

3. Back Cooling Zones for optimal temperature transfer
Even better cooling function thanks to the new breathable high-tech fabric with additional protection against the damaging influence of UV radiation. The integrated cooling zones dissipate moisture, the body is better ventilated and thus cools you in every necessary situation. Perfect to wear as a layer or top when doing sports - under your shirt for business - goodbye to sweat stains!

Over 100,000 customers worldwide trust in our high-tech premium products and the number is growing every day!