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Strammer Max® shirts have been developed to fit normal T-shirt sizes. For our shirts, simply choose the size that fits you for other T-shirts. Choosing a smaller or larger size is not necessary. This does not increase or decrease the compression effect. Our shirts are available in sizes XS-XXL.

Our shirts adapt to your body shape and shape you gently without pressing or chafing. The ultra-modern material is supple and particularly stretchy. Moisture-regulating, breathable fibers and integrated cooling zones ensure a pleasantly cool and dry feeling even after prolonged wear and physical exertion. Strammer Max® shirts fit like a second skin.

Give the shirt some time to mold to your individual body shapes. Once your body has warmed up the shirt after a few minutes, it fits perfectly and feels very comfortable. It nestles seamlessly under your clothing and allows full freedom of movement. Compression and support give you a secure feeling.

Strammer Max® shirts are made of high-quality technofibers that help regulate body temperature and ensure a balanced, natural skin climate. In addition, the built-in cooling zones in the areas where sweat mainly occurs keep your shirt dry. On the one hand, this promotes healthy heat release, and on the other hand, the shirts from Strammer Max® keep you warm without making you hot.

You can wear our shirts under your business dress, with your casual look and of course when doing sports. The compression effect of the shirts relieves the circulatory system, which releases energy to optimize performance. Strammer Max® shirts increase body control, keep your muscles warm and support you in improved posture.

The design of our shirts is based on know-how and experience from competitive sports, ergonomics and physiotherapy. The high compression zones developed in this way support your torso, while the special back shapeup zone on the back, shoulders and spine encourages a straight, relaxed posture. In this way, back pain can be prevented or alleviated.

Experts, professional athletes and “body workers” can prove from experience that correct posture facilitates the flow of oxygen, while compression stimulates circulation. Weightlifters and opera singers, for example, rely on very similar effects. Improved blood circulation and a relieved circulation help to increase vitality and general well-being.

The shirts help you to be aware of your body. The compression effect stimulates cell metabolism and can thus support the burning of resistant depot fat. This fat burn effect can be increased even further by wearing the shirt while exercising. Of course, a balanced diet and an active lifestyle remain essential for health.

Strammer Max® shirts are functional, figure-shaping men's underwear that combines fashionable design, know-how and technology with elegance and comfort to create a premium fashion brand. The outstanding functions have been specially adapted to everyday use in the office, on the street or during sports and help to increase your performance.

The quality and exceptional properties of our shirts will give you long-term enjoyment if you take appropriate care of them. Please wash your shirt on a gentle cycle at a temperature of up to 30°C. One of the advantages of the high-tech fabric is that Strammer Max® shirts dry quickly on their own (preferably hanging or lying down) and are then ready to wear again. Wrinkle-free and no ironing required. We also advise against using a dryer.

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